What is this place?

My name is Sarah. I like building things.

Early 2016, I bought a DDR cabinet with the intent of converting it into an In The Groove machine. Ended up finding a frakencab with 7th Mix decals, ITG stickers on the pads, a Supernova bezel running a bootleg copy of Extreme on Craigslist. Not an In The Groove dedicab like I’d originally wanted, but this gave tons of room for improvement and upgrades. And it was mine.

As it turns out, time has not been good to the websites I used to visit to find information about dancing games, yet alone arcade maintenance. Searching for things like pad modding, working with wiring, and cleaning turned up a lot of 404’s and forum posts back from 2005. Software and hardware has changed. Most of the information was incredibly helpful for a starting point, though there was a lot of trial-and-error and figuring things out as I go.

…which is what inspired me to make this website. I’ve learned a ton restoring my machine and hope the information here will be useful to someone. I’ve gotten a lot of love and resources from the dance game community and figured it’s time to give something back. All the articles are taken from modifications done to my personal cabinet and can be used to tweak yours or even if you’re looking to build from scratch. Happy hacking!

My Cabinet

Pictures and videos from my cabinet. All the guides on this site came from mods on this machine.